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Punggawa.co.id The world’s fourth most populous country, Indonesia has a population of over 238 million people. Consisting of 33 provinces, breakthrough an unique logistics in moving manufactured goods and raw materials accross the remote places and archipelagos.
A comprehensive land, sea and air logistic services and improvements in IT sector have enable gradually improvements in the supply chain sector.

Our professional teams consistently deploy advanced operation models and innovative logistical solutions. We work closely with you in formulating flexible plans designed to comprehensively meet all your supply chain needs. In this, we deliver tangible, cost-effective results that grow your business, whilst improving


Start from Indonesian comprehensive to be the wolrd’s leading logistics service provider.


Supported by the field experts and profesionals, we offer the best logistics solutions to make our customers successful. 


Value Creation
Creating the real value for clients and company it’s self through innovative solutions, rewarding the growths.


As a service provider we are committed to the success of our clients. We are fully dedicated to all projects and assignments we take on. We are also committed to our employees’ career development expectations.

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