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OCEAN FREIGHT Punggawa.co.id
Through a robust network of connections with sea carriers we are able to deliver a fast, cost-efficient and reliable ocean freight services.

We handle all conventional cargo transportation and provide optimum services for both Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL). We further offer Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) service that assures timely transportation of goods across a multitude of sailing frequencies and transit times on any given route. With our ocean freight services, you are able to ship large amounts of cargo with long lead-times at a cost-effective rate.

We handle all administrative details concerning your contract with a carrier, in particular the difficulties associated with documentation. We are highly efficient and meticulous in controlling your ocean freight from handling booking confirmation to dock receipt, bill of lading, customs brokerage and declaration, cargo tracking and arrival notification.

AIR FREIGHT Punggawa.co.id
The air freight plays a vital role in the success of your business and strive to provide you with reliable and cost-efficient air freight options.
As an IATA agent, We offers a complete range of air freight services with internationally recognised quality and speed. With our robust global air freight network, we cover your businesses and markets anywhere in the world – from pick up at origins, multiple consolidation, customs clearance, through to door-to-door delivery to end customers.

Our air freight experts operate around the clock to ensure your products reach their destinations with the quickest transit time, optimal routings and maximum cost-efficiency.

SEA - AIR & AIR - SEA Punggawa.co.id
Combining the economies of ocean freight with the speed of air freight, we offer tailor-made and cost-effective sea-air and air-sea freight solutions across the globe. Your benefits are significant cost savings on the overall transportation costs while safeguarding reasonable shipment times for your cargoes.

Our sea-air experts are able to develop customised programme that suits your specific requirements with optimal tariffs and routes.

What is unique about our sea-air intermodal service is that transportation occurs in a singular fashion. This includes a single rate per kilogram and single document for the entire transportation process from the port of origin to the airport of destination. We also handle all customs formalities and delivery documentation along the journey, giving you peace of mind.

NVOCC FLC & LCL Punggawa.co.id
NVOCC solutions for both Full-Container Load (FCL) and Less-Than-Container Load (LCL) shipments.
These include contract management, consolidation/deconsolidation, as well as buyers’ consolidation from single or multiple countries.
We offer both FCL and LCL departures from all major ports worldwide, providing maximum flexibility and support to your global supply chain needs. Our Ocean Freight experts are located around the world, dedicated to meet your unique requirements with cost-effective and customised solutions.

We can also connect your FCL or LCL shipments with other freight products via air, road, rail as well as upstream and downstream warehousing and distribution support as a total solution.

CONSOLIDATION Punggawa.co.id
These include the merging of diverse cargoes, allowing containers to be fully utilised at a lower cost and reduced transit time.

We employ a robust global network and a strong partnership with leading booking agencies around the world, allowing us to provide cost-effective consolidation services for our multi-national customers. We also support you with customs brokerage and declarations, inspection, quality control and sorting, providing maximum levels of safety and protection for your freight.

BREAK BULK Punggawa.co.id
Services are designed to meet your shipping needs of over-sized, odd-sized or over-weight cargoes.
Apart from regular sailings, we also provide entire transportation solutions including pre- and on carriages for general cargo, project cargo including over-sized units or heavy lifts, steel products, etc. Our add-on options include packing, crating and rigging to ensure maximum protection of your cargoes.
Partnering with leading carriers around the world, we provide a wide selection of ocean vessels, containers and trailers to suit your special shipment needs.
As an integrated logistics service provider, we also offer you upstream or downstream warehousing and distribution support across the Greater China region and the ASEAN countries, right next to your key manufacturing base or end markets

Our highly tailored solutions are designed to meet all your outsized cargo and heavy lift needs. PUNGGAWA Intermoda provides professional project logistics services catering to large-scale and complex industrial projects.
Our dedicated team of professionals consists of well-trained project specialist and long-experienced engineers. We treat each single project as a unique assignment with special attention to every detail, from design, planning, to execution and delivery.

Supported by risk management and our sophisticated solutions programme, we are able to secure reliable performance and cost optimisation when handling projects of immense capacity and scale.
With dedicated teams of professionals attending to your industrial needs, be assured that your heavy lifts and outsized cargo will be safely transported.

INTERMODAL Punggawa.co.id
A transportation solutions – two or more means of transportation – in offering maximum flexibility in both routing and transit times. By using a mix of means of transportation including rail, road, air or ocean, intermodal logistics also results in lower costs for transporting your goods

In tailoring your intermodal needs, we take into account the type of goods you are shipping, your time schedule and cost requirements. Intermodal services incorporate key ocean, ground and air carriers in a programme of customisable, integrated global transportation solutions. 

Our intermodal service, while incorporating more than one transportation mode, occurs in a singular fashion. This includes a single rate per kilogram and single document for the entire transportation process from the port of origin to the port of destination. We also handle all customs formalities and delivery documentation along the journey, giving you peace of mind.

Our highly efficient customs brokerage, clearance and compliance service is designed to take the complexity out of the customs process.

We understand the importance of customs brokerage in getting your products to their destination. When moving freight across international borders, we work to minimise risks by carefully managing the smooth transition of cargo from country to country. We employ dedicated professionals around the world who have multi-lingual capability and a clear understanding of the intricacies of trade regulations and agreements at global, regional, national and local levels.
To ensure the complete security of your goods, even in challenging environments, our personnel serve as the first point of contact with both custom authorities and receiving customers. This allows us to provide re-assuring guidance and expert advice on matters relating to customs. 

When it comes to moving your products across international borders, PUNGGAWA Intermoda provides you with a smooth and hassle-free experience.

INTEGRATED LOGISTIC, PUNGGAWA Intermoda has built its business and reputation by offering integrated logistical solutions, we offer well-developed end-to-end supply chain management to manufacturers and retailers across a broad range of industries.
Throughout our comprehensive base of customers, services and industries we have developed essential experience and expertise in many supply chains, logistics and information technology models.

Together with a strong network reaching across and our seamless proprietary IT platform, we can fulfill your logistical needs faster and more cost efficiently than anyone else.

SUPPLY CHAIN Punggawa.co.id, Effective supply chain management means delivering seamless and integrated solutions that bring tangible results to cost-efficiency, customer satisfaction and bottom-line results.
To support your sourcing and distribution activities, PUNGGAWA Intermoda is well positioned to offer you customised and integrated solutions in highly sophisticated supply chains. Building on our global expertise, we offer tailor-made supply chain solutions to meet the unique requirements of each and every customer.
Our dedicated key account management teams consistently devise new operation models and solutions for our customers and manage their supply chains in multiple locations, from consultation to implementation. The benefits are lowered inventory, shortened delivery lead time and significant cost saving.
Through long-term partnership, competitive cost management and continuous improvement, we strive to achieve your strategic requirements at a global, regional and local level.
WAREHOUSE AND DISTRIBUTION Punggawa.co.id, Punggawa Intermoda offer dedicated and shared warehousing and distribution operations that accommodate any particular requirement of your business, as well as a number of smart value-added services that improve the performance of your supply chain.
By understanding and anticipating your logistical essentials, we are able to provide planning, implementation and on-site management that generate real value for your business, ensuring delivery to your customers in a smooth and cost-efficient manner.

The wide range of specialist activities on offer includes ambient, chilled, frozen, dangerous and bonded operations, pre-retailing and a diversified span of value-added services.

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